Wanted: Adult Conversation

I knew I had reached a new low as a first-time mom when I put a custard-filled brioche and a poo-filled diaper in my purse/diaper bag (both items were in separate bags of course). I hesitated momentarily when I ate the brioche later that Tuesday afternoon. But the pastry and a cup of a Earl Grey tea hit the spot when Fong Yee gave me a break during one of her naps.

I was an efficient, well-organized journalist until January 31. But these days I’m just a sleep-deprived, breast-feeding and diaper-changing machine. Fong Yee has no patience if I don’t respond immediately to her cries. I consider myself lucky to have my hair combed before I leave the house.

I used to follow business and international news quite closely for my job as an online editor. But the CBC radio is my main source of information these days. Its voice is my constant companion during my long and often lonely days spent mainly at home with Fong Yee.

One thing is certain though with Fong Yee: each day is different. I miss having time to myself, but it’s rewarding to see her smile and gabble.

I also miss adult conversation! I’m part of a moms’ group on my street, but after five months I have yet to have anyone in the group ask me anything about myself. I love talking about my baby, but it seems people only identify me with Fong Yee these days. I no longer exist.



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3 responses to “Wanted: Adult Conversation

  1. Oh, Pocket Mommy, I feel your loneliness!

    Maybe we can meet up for brunch this week?

    Anyway, good to see you take up blogging as a creative outlet.

  2. PWA

    When Ed was Fong li’s age, Bill was teaching 10 students in a one-room school house. One day he needed to help his father with some ranch work so I took Ed in a wooden carrier box and took over the school for the day. Of course it turned out that that was the day the county superintendent came out 70 miles to check on Bill and his teaching.

    Today I started putting things away in the house, but got caught by a small book- Traces of wisdom – Amish women and the pursuit of life’s simple pleasures. by Louise Stoltzfus.

    Please keep finding time to write here – Sharon –

  3. em

    my goodness! she is getting big but she’s very cute.

    i hope you found the adult convo you’ve been craving. but then again, sometimes adults get on your nerves so enjoy the simple moments with her while you can.

    it’s been a long time… we should connect before it gets too cold. would love to see you both again.

    big hugs – and hope you’re paying more attention to what you put in your purse =).


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