Third time’s the charm?

My husband laughed when he saw the Bugaboo Bee box on our porch. It’s our third Bugaboo (supposedly the Cadillac of strollers) in two months. I have their customer service memorized by now as I keep having to call with the same complaint: the rear brakes don’t work. Only one of the wheels lock ninety-five percent of the time. Bugaboo’s customer service representative said she thought the problem was that plastic expands in the heat. But plastic doesn’t expand in the heat although metal does.

Once I assumed the brake was working and left Fong Yee sleeping in the stroller while I took packages into the house. I suddenly heard a loud “wah!” and turned to see that the stroller had fallen over into the road. Luckily, she was unhurt though.

I’m also hoping third time’s the charm with baby carriers and slings. Almost three hundred dollars later, I’m on my third baby carrier, the Beco Baby carrier. I’ve had problems adjusting it as the weight seems to fall across my back, not my hips. At $158, I can only hope this carrier will work. Of course, it doesn’t help that Fong Yee is gaining weight daily (she’s weighs at least 16 pounds).


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