Diapers and Death

Illness and death are on my mind this week as Fong Yee recovers from an ear infection and I contemplate writing my will. I question many of my mothering decisions I make such as giving Fong Yee an antibiotic for her ear infection. I worry about giving a seven-month-old baby an antibiotic.

Research on the Internet shows that garlic in olive oil supposedly works. The Big Carrot also sells drops composed of St.John’s Wort and olive oil. How will I know though if she’s suffering from ear infection when she can’t speak? I can take her to the doctor again, but the doctor is a conservative one who immediately prescribes an antibiotic. I’m sure if this is the start of many worries to come as Fong Yee grows up. I’ll probably never questioning my judgement.

At the same time as I worry about her health, I can’t help but think about what arrangements to make for Fong Yee if Jake and I both die. The thought sickens me, but it’s better to be prepared than not. My oh-so-large estate meant I could just go to Staples and buy a will kit. After puzzling over the forms I finally realized this week that I need instructions on how to fill out those forms. So I went back to Staples and bought a book. Every thing of substance in my life seems to require a manual these days judging from my bulging folder of manuals.


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  1. penny

    When our children were babes we lived 70 miles from our physician. I asked for an antibiotic to have if I thought one of the boys needed it, and I’m afraid I used it without knowing what I was doing. It is scary when an infant has an infection and a fever.

    Our mother used to puts drops of warm olive oil in our ear when we had an ear ache, and then put small piece of cotton to keep it in. And speaking of remedies, our father said his mother always rubbed their chests with goose grease when they had a cough, and I think mother did that for us sometimes. Perhaps I had better try raising geese instead of turkeys. He also said the neighbor women would put drops of rum on a sugar cube to calm their babes when they were teething.

    And speaking of turkeys, ours do not like the feed we were sold, I wonder if it has too much antibiotics in it. The books say that turkeys are very susceptable to infection. We will be lucky if we carry them through to eating size. I cut up dandelion leaves and lettuce and mix it withn the food, and they eat their greens and leave the food.
    So then I do not feed them overnight and wait to see if they will be so hungry they will eat. they were hatched on August 22nd and are living in the bathtub until we make a home for them outside.

    So Sharon, you have my train of thought, which wandered a bit from thinking of Fong Li and her health. she looks wonderfully alert in the swing! You are doing well. – P

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