Ziploc bags and hole-ridden boxer shorts are some of things we can’t bear to part with in our household. Yet, for the last month we have prepared ourselves to leave our biggest possession: our house. Decluttering, house staging and coming to terms with a decrease in house prices are some of the issues we’ve had to deal with lately. Leaving our house will be bittersweet. Getting a good price for our house isn’t enough; we have to be reassured that our house will be sold to a caring owner. Is this the future sign of hovering parents?

We scurried out of the house Thanksgiving Monday just as a real estate agent came to the house with prospective buyers. Fong Yee looked up at them curious as to why strangers were entering our home. At least, that’s my interpretation of her feelings. Jake thinks she was displeased to see them going into our house. We can’t help but project our feelings onto our baby.



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2 responses to “Possessions

  1. Rin and 10 degrees here today

    What a cheerful introduction to grandmother and FongYee! Precious prossessions which will never be left behind.

  2. Rin and 10 degrees here today

    Rain, that is –

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