Taking steps and moving on

Isabel at Woodgreen DaycareMy eyes tear up as I spend my last official day on maternity leave. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have 13 months off to care for Isabel. A year ago at this time, I was struggling to breastfeed Isabel and just struggling to take care of her on my own.

Now I have a mellow and cheerful baby who gets a big grin on her face as she takes her first steps on her own. She loves to walk! Isabel’s taken to daycare like a duck to water. It helps of course that she’s surrounded by loving and affectionate teachers.

I’m not looking forward to being on a schedule and being a harried working mother, but I am looking forward to using my brain again. Unfortunately I will be working weekends, but it means the end of shift work for me.

The following are some of Isabel’s daily reports from daycare:


Isabel loved to open and close the door to the washer in the drama center. A staff observed Isabel was able to take 14 steps without support. Great job!

Lunch: Tofu bolongese, pasta, peas, cantalope and water


Isabel was very excited to watch her teacher read a book about animals. She even tried to imitate the sound of tiger after hearing her teacher (so cute!) She got so excited she bounced up and down in the chair at the table.

Lunch: Fish provencal, red rice, corn niblets, kiwi and water.


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